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Bücher, Papers, Reports

Book Chapters

1.         T.B. Marder, “Diborane(4) Compounds,” in Science of Synthesis, Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations, Volume 6 - Boron Compounds, D. Kaufmann and D.S. Matteson, eds., Chapter 6.1.3, pp. 117-137, Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, 2004.

Book Reviews

2.         Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry, 2nd Edition, by G. Rayner-Canham, W.H. Freeman, 1999.
In Educ. Chem. 37: 139 (2000).

 1.        Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions, Vol. 6, M.V. Twigg, ed., Plenum Press, 1989.
In American Scientist 79: 471-472 (1991).

Other Invited Papers

 1.        T.B. Marder, "Molecular Materials for Nonlinear Optics," Canadian Chemical News, 44: No. 10 (Nov./Dec.), 22-23 (1992).

Other Papers and Reports

 1.        A. Beeby, K.S. Findlay, P.J. Low, T.B. Marder, S.R. Rutter, P. Matousek, A.W. Parker, and M. Towrie, “Studies of the S1 State in a Prototypical Molecular Wire Using Picosecond Time-resolved Spectroscopies,” Central Laser Facility, CCLRC, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Annual Report, 2002-2003, 119-121.

Books Edited

2.         T.B. Marder and Z. Lin (Eds.), “Contemporary Metal Boron Chemistry I: Borylenes, Boryls, Borane Sigma-Complexes, and Borohydrides,” Structure and Bonding, Volume 130, Springer, Heidelberg, May 2008 (218 pages).

 1.         M.G. Davidson, A.K. Hughes, T.B. Marder, and K. Wade (Eds.), "Contemporary Boron Chemistry," Spec. Publ. No. 253, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, 2000.

Journal Issues Edited

3.         T.B. Marder, P.W.Dyer, I.J.S. Fairlamb, S. Gibson, P. Scott, “Dalton Discussion 12: Catalytic C-H and C-X Bond Activation (DD12),” Dalton Trans., 39: 10335-10337 (2010), editorial introduction to Dalton Transactions themed issue 43, pages 10321-10540.

2.         T.B. Marder (Guest Editor), Dalton Transactions, 2008: “Collection of articles dedicated to Professor Ken Wade, F.R.S. in celebration of his seventy-fifth birthday.”

1.          T.B. Marder, Editorial for special issue of Journal of Organometallic Chemistry: “Frontiers in Boron Chemistry, Dedicated to Professor M. Frederick Hawthorne in Celebration of his 75th Birthday,” J. Organometal. Chem., 680: 1-2 (2003).

Patent Applications

2.          University of Durham, A.P. Henderson, J.P. Knowles, A. Whiting, S. Przyborski, and T.B. Marder, “Synthetic Retinoids with Natural Retinoid Properties for Selective and Controllable Stem Cell Differentiation,” GB1020848.6.

 1.         University of Durham, S. Przyborski, A. Whiting, and T.B. Marder, (WO/2008/025965), “Retinoid Compounds and their Use,” PCT/GB2007/003237. (The invention relates to retinoid compounds of the formula (I): wherein V is a hydrophobic group; W is a non-polyenic linker; and X is a polar group comprising a hydrogen bond donor; or a salt thereof, and to the use of such compounds in the control of cell differentiation.)